Why this content exists.

1 — Build experiences, not interfaces

Why user experience matters.

2 — Find your user’s positive outcome

Why your app should exist in the first place.

3 — Walk in the shoes of your users

Why thinking in objectives is better than screens and layouts.

4 — Navigation as contexts

Why navigation is just where related objectives and actions happen.

5 — Constantly orientate your users

Why your users should never feel lost.

6 — Every screen has weight

Why you should take the mental burden off your users.

7 — If they’re related, group them

Why your users have already done the grouping for you.

8 — Determine what is primary and secondary

Why almost everything comes down to one main action.

9 — Give clear feedback

Why every interaction should have a consequence.

10 — Make every decision feel light

Why every decision your user makes comes with a cost.

11 — Turn every negative into a positive

Why you don't want your app to leave a nasty taste in the mouth.

12 — Speak their language

Why your app should be on the same team as your users.

13 — Lean on what’s gone before

Why you should save your creativity for what really matters.

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